Half way HOME

My partner and I created our home from scratch out of an empty shell of a warehouse in Sydney’s inner industrial suburb of Marrickville. It was a place of warmth and love and transition during the six years we shared it with others.

In early 2017 we had to move on. I wanted to document something of the time and place and people within the walls we made: living in a working space customised as home, the loft bedrooms we made with our hands and own tools, the bathroom, the kitchen, the many shared meals the nights of ridiculous dancing, evening beach trips and a beautiful closeness of friends. We disbanded in 2017 in trying circumstances. Home was still inviting but I was mentally and physically dismantling our world while learning to accept unreasonable loss. I took down one life while looking for another. The images I made were not happy memories of hard work and close friends I intended to remember but a darker reflection of interior world I was processing at the time. Half Way Home is the initial chapter of a transient life between fixed addresses. A work in progress without a known destination. The next chapters will show life in other people’s spaces as well as our capacity to live with uncertainty, resourcefully where ever we lay our heads.