Safe Cities for Women | ACTIONAID

The safe cities for Women Campaign aims to improve the safety of public urban spaces so that women and girls around the world do not have to live in fear and can enjoy the vast benefits of their cities. For women who are poor the opportunities they find in cities would have seemed impossible to the generations before them. yet for many of these women the realty of urban living is harsh dangerous and demeaning.

Over 3.3 Billion now live in ever growing cities and town and many are women. In rented rooms in slum communities many women rely on public toilets or open defecation and unsafe public baths where they risk getting molested. Inside factories they face sexual harassment and violence from supervisors. On their way to and from work in unlit streets they can be ambushed or even raped. Travelling on overcrowded buses and trains they are groped. Going to and from schools and universities they are pestered, harassed or attacked. Action Aid and photographer Stephanie Simcox teamed up with Action Aid Bangladesh and Cambodia to bring back women living in their city. The aim was to capture strength, the reliance and also the hard ships of the women within their enviroment.